Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God Knows What He's Doing

God has been moving so mightily in our family this year! He’s really been drawing us closer in Him. He’s placed this desire in me to tell the world that if you are God’s child (which means you've cried out to Him for salvation) He IS speaking to you. The only question is, are you listening? He desires to have an intimate relationship with His children. Just as in The Bible it says “Adam knew his wife” (Gen 4:1) when speaking about them coming together intimately. He wants to “know” us. Anywho, here’s a story of how God spoke to my husband and I and how He moved in a GREAT way. God had placed this family that I’d seen at church a few times on my heart. He told me to give my daughter’s clothes (that were too small for her) to them. So I would look for them after church whenever I’d see them there, but they were always gone before I could get to them. A couple of months later I finally caught them and we ended up setting a meeting place so I could drop off the clothes. After I met up with them and gave them the clothes God was telling me to ask them if they were OK. I didn't know this couple and didn't want to seem nosey so I brushed it off. But as I was driving away I feel God tugging at me like “You should have asked them if they were OK.” It couldn't have been anymore than 2-3 minutes and I got a text from the wife asking if they could borrow $12-$20. I told them that was no problem, but asked if they could come pick it up at my house because I had just pulled into the parking lot. While I was waiting for them God told me to talk with them and see if everything was ok. I called the wife to see if they wouldn't mind coming up for a second when they got to the house, but she seemed hesitant (I would be to being as we didn't really know each other). I ended up just talking the money down to her, but I let her know I just wanted to talk with them to see if everything was OK. She reassured me that they were fine, took the money (graciously) and left. Maybe 10-15 minutes later she calls me and tells me that she let pride get in the way and that they were not OK. They had been struggling to get gas money and had no food in the house. God told me to take her shopping. When I was leaving the house my husband told me to spend for them like we were rich. Get them whatever they wanted because that’s what Jesus would do. You have to know that my family is very tight right now and the only money for food that we have is food stamps (which is what we were going to use to help this family). Once our stamps are gone we’re done for the month. Anywho, when I got to the store Satan tried to creep in with fear that my family wouldn't have enough to make it through the rest of the month now. I called to see how much money was left on my EBT card and it was not as much as I thought, but God had issued a command to bless them. When we got into the store the wife got a few items and then came up to me and asked if she was getting too much. I told her that she needed to get everything they needed and so I asked her, “Is that everything you need?” She looked at her cart and said, “Well I guess not everything I ‘need’ because I guess I don’t need these Swiss Rolls.” I reassured her that she needed to get EVERYTHING that her family needed. She then said she would go and get some rice and a few more things and that would be it. Then her husband called my phone looking for her because her phone wasn't working. I only had 1 minute left on my phone so they couldn't talk. He then called the store to talk to her. The store paged her over the intercom and she went and spoke with him. I didn't know this till later, but God had let me know exactly what he was saying to her. When she hung up the phone she went through the store and came back with a lot more food and I was happy that she felt good enough to get what they actually needed. Her husband ends up calling my husband some days later and expresses his gratitude for what we had done. He said it was such a blessing to be able to eat well, even with the simple thing like having hot sauce for their food was a major blessing. He also told my husband that when he called his wife that day he asked her what I told them they could get and she let him know that I had told her to get whatever they needed. He said he then instructed her on what she needed to go and get. As I said earlier God had told me EXACTLY what was being said. I heard her husband saying “ OK, so get this. And this. And this. And this…” and so on and so on. What a mighty God we serve that even when I made the mistake of not listening to His voice the first time that He’d spoken He still rectified the situation and was able to bless His children that were in need. Not only that, but He was also able to further affirm to me that His sheep truly do know His voice (John 10:27).

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