Friday, May 22, 2015

Beautiful Sculptures

God showed me some truly amazing things after my dream last night. I had been having a series of dreams that were all the same scenario over like the last year and I have been avoiding them (basically trying to forget I'd ever had them) because they made me very uncomfortable (that's a lesson in and of itself- just because you're going through something uncomfortable that doesn't mean it's not from God. It means you simply need to find out what He's saying and what He's doing because He's working all things for our good - Romans 8:28). But God finally showed me that He was trying to show me why I was valuable. Now this is something that I quite often struggle with, but anywho...God showed me that we (His children) are all beautifully sculpted pieces of art work. I saw like an assembly line of finished sculptures and God was choosing the ones He thought were most beautiful and telling the angels to set those ones aside. I saw my sculpture was in the chosen line, but now it was in the making and I was the one making it with God guiding my every stroke/move. He told me that who I am has already been sculpted - He has already seen my end, called it a masterpiece and placed it's value far above gold and rubies. This life I'm living is the carving of it. Every move I make or every piece I chip away from the sculpture has been because of His doing - because He chose for it to be that way. Only He knows what to chip away in order to get that final masterpiece and He's controlling my every stroke so that it comes to pass. Now that was not my dream, but simply what came from the dream. God showed me that I am special and valuable and precious. Not because of anything I've done or will do, but simply because He chose me. He also showed me that He did not make me for common purposes, but for uncommon/royal ones.

I just am so completely in love with Him and so completely blessed and honored and brought to tears by the fact that He chose me...little 'ol me :) And the whole time I was writing this down He put a friend of mine on my mind and I pray if no one else reads this she will. I believe this is for her too.